The Great White North realizes the backbone of our sport is the triathlon clubs and we want to recognize you for all you do to support our event.

What Your Triathlon Club Gets:


  • FREE registration into the Tri Club Challenge
  • Reserved team seating at the Carbo Load dinner on Friday June 30th
  • An exclusive spot for your 10 x 10 tent in our Club Zone cheer section on race day
  • 10% DISCOUNT on all individual GWN Half distance, Olympic distance, and Duathlon entries **See Fine Print** –
  • A chance to win a $500 gift certificate to help with your year-end party.
  • Access to T1 and T2 for one coach per club.
  • Website and social media recognition, and links to your club’s site.
  • You can add one piece of your clubs marketing material to the GWN athlete swag bag.
  • 10% off our GWN Specific Triathlon Camp in June 2017

How it works:

  • Each club must have a minimum of only 5 members to be eligible to register for Triathlon Club Challenge
  • Assign 1 “Team Captain” to be the point of contact between your club and the GWN staff
  • Points based on number of members entered in the Olympic and Half distances, as well as the Duathlon. 5pts Duathlon, 5pts Olympic, 10pts Half. **Team entries will not be included/counted for points in the Tri Club Challenge**
  • The Tri Club with the most points wins a $500 Gift Certificate to a vendor of your choice to help with your year-end party. **See Fine Print**

The Fine Print:

  1. 10% discount to GWN Half distance, Olympic Distance, and Duathlon entries can ONLY be applied to entries submitted on or after November 1, 2016. NO discounts will be given/reimbursed to members that have already registered.
  2. 10% discount to GWN Half distance, Olympic distance, and Duathlon entries will only apply to individual entries – discount does not apply to team entries.
  3. If your team wins the $500 Gift Certificate, GWN will directly pay the vendor of your choice.

Get in Contact

For more information on the Great White North Tri Club Challenge or to register your team now, simply complete the contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

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